Flex Glides with Tough Felt - 100 Count

100 Count
SKU: FG100
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SKU: FG100

The Flex Glide is by far our most durable glide and is practically indestructible! Flex Glides protect hard floor surfaces from damage. Our Flex Glides consist of a reinforced felt bottom and a vinyl sleevelet that encases the existing chair or table glide. The sleevelet is designed to fit snugly around an existing glide and to stay on tightly, without adhesive. Flex Glides prevent floor damage and reduce noise associated with moving furniture.

Using Flex Glides

  • Fits over most swivel glides
  • Protect floor surfaces from scratches and rust stains
  • Help keep rooms quiet by reducing noise when moving chairs and tables
  • Reduce furniture damage by alleviating stress on joints
  • Extend the life of original furniture glide
  • Free installation tool