• PreCut Tennis Balls and Custom Chair Glides

Precut Tennis Balls & Custom Glides

Why our glides & pre cut furniture balls?

Our Pre Cut Tennis Balls and Custom Glides install in minutes, look great and stay on for years! At Quiet Glides, we believe teachers & students deserve quiet classooms, custodians a polished floor and school administrators the savings that occur after installing our glides or Pre Cut Furniture Balls

Our Glides & Pre Cut Furniture Balls save the average school $5,600 per year in floor maintenance cost, $16,800 in savings over three years!


Check with us to see if we have any coupons for you! Contact Customer Service at (205) 567-9382 or email sales@quietglides.com.


We Guarantee all Glides & Balls for 3 years from date of purchase under conditions of normal use.